Video 14 Sep

T.R.U. - Thyla Bites Episode 23: Thylacine Migration - Bills Thoughts!


Video 29 Aug 3 notes

T.R.U. - Thyla Bites Episode 22: Analysis of footprint found on Expediti…


Video 16 Aug

T.R.U. April 2014 Expedition - Investigation for the Tracker Scout Thyla…

In a much anticipated investigation Waz and Chris search for the den described in the interview with Tracker Scout where it is claimed he observed the carcass of a thylacine in the 1990’s


Video 30 Jul

T.R.U. - Daw Cam Shout Out


Video 20 Jul

T.R.U. April 2014 Expedition - Sound Blasting Investigation for Thylacine (Tasmanian tiger) Night 2


Video 13 Jul

T.R.U. - Thyla Bites Episode 21: Sound Blasting for Thylacine Night 1 Sound Analysis

Waz the geek does an audio analysis of the yap sound captured in the last T.R.U. Investigation video!


Video 6 Jul 1 note

Waz and Chris investigate in South Western Tasmania with sound blasting for Thylacine (Tasmanian tiger) vocalisations!


Video 28 Jun

Waz the geek reviews Col Baileys book ‘Tiger tales’


Link 14 Jun T.R.U. - Thyla Bites Episode 19: The 1953 Maher Thylacine (Tasmanian tiger) Sighting »

Waz the Geek talks about the 1953 Maher Thylacine or Tasmanian tiger incident where a Thylacine was reported captured in a trap 23 years after they were thought extinct!, North West Tasmania!

Link 7 Jun T.R.U. April 2014 Expedition - Thylacine (Tasmanian tiger) as a threat! »

Waz and Chris investigate in South Western Tasmania the idea of a thylacine (Tasmania tiger) cutout as a threat to prey animals with interesting results.

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